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“Thanks a lot for the lovely time that we have spent together during the interesting and educative study visit”. Snježana Ivandić Ninković, ADI – Bosnia and Herzegovina


“I guess we all share the same impression of having a unique opportunity to visit significant institutions and gain valuable experience from this visit. Of course, I cannot forget the ‘social part’ of the visit, especially Dublin’s Pubs and the beautiful Irish music”. Naim Osmani, CRP/Kosovo


“A lot of ideas and positive examples of good practices that could be potentially implemented elsewhere. Above all, it was an opportunity for participants to develop and explore some more ideas, but also to build friendship”. Emir Prcanovic, Vasa Prava – Bosnia and Herzegovina


“I would like to extend my deepest thank you for the great organization of both trips to London and Dublin, we had the chance to meet organizations that are doing great work on the ground and we have learnt a lot. We shared with our YUCOM legal aid some of the forms that we translated and we will use them directly. Also, we will use some of the practices seen in London and Dublin. I hope that the pilots also got good ideas and that they will implement them too. We are open to any kind of support if any of the pilots would like to ask us anything”. Milan Antonijevic, Yucom – Serbia


“It was a great opportunity to acquire new knowledge as well as to get new experiences and ideas. Thank you so much for sharing your good practices with us”.  Amra Kadrić, FLD – Bosnia and Herzegovina


“Thank you all for the nice trip! It was a pleasure to participate in study visit London / Dublin. We got a lot of useful information, experience, and inspirational ideas. Special thanks to all of the organizers for their efforts!” Edvard Tomak, SDF – Croatia


“Everything that I had the opportunity to hear and see was very useful, and I am sure will be of great importance to the further development of the CHRIS Network activities”. Dragan Djordjevic, CHRIS – Serbia


“Thanks for the good time and the very  informative sessions we all had in London and Dublin”. Alan Uzelac, Zagreb Legal Clinic – Croatia


“Dear friends, it was a great pleasure to take part in the visit to London and Dublin. We have had a great opportunity to acquire new knowledge and it has helped us in discovering new ideas on how to improve our Legal Clinic in Croatia”. Marina Bartol- Hedžet, student administrator in the Legal Clinic – Croatia


“We have learnt a lot of useful information that inspires our work in Turkey. Although both UK and Ireland have unique historical and macro political context, we found a series of ways to benefit from these experiences in the Turkish context. All the study visits to the centres and other services made the concepts more concrete as some of them were very new and abstract to us. Moreover, all presentations were quite satisfying: brief, but still comprehensive, focused, but well-framed. We believe that our work will benefit a lot from the presentations”. Tezcan Eralp Abay, STGM – Turkey


“Thank you very much for the opportunity to see how free legal aid works elsewhere, for sharing your good practices with us and letting us acquire new knowledge in lots of fields applicable in Croatia too.


Experiences and lessons learned:

-70 years of free legal aid practice means something – we should not be inpatient in improving our system in Croatia;

-All the legal aid centers we visited were funded in different ways ( State, community, private, church funding, familiar funding model)  but state and community based funding are much better and functional there than in Croatia;

-The personal experience and direct work with beneficiaries tells us more than any power point presentation. It made us believe it is possible to prevent some of the problems we already have in order to stop them from  becoming an integral part of our society;

-Targeted presentations gave us an excellent overview of the situation in different fields and a feeling of the strength of networking and efforts required for that;

-Beneficial knowledge, general application forms, record keeping and standardized approach to beneficiaries give a good bases for a quality community service and they all need to be implemented in Croatia;

-CSOs work in different ways in UK and Ireland – this variety gives you the possibility of choice and the freedom to implement the different models with the same quality; so we should keep our positive differences.

A month later I still enjoy remembering our visit to London and Dublin and recalling those beautiful days on your island”. Snjezanka Jadrijevic, CSO Srma – Croatia


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