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Current activities
The Triple A project focuses on two different levels in the field of provision of information, advice and active help to citizens:

Building up the network

The consortium of associations in Triple A are currently setting up the framework for a network of NGOs who provide Information, Advice, and Active Help services. The network, pan-European in its nature, will be open to all organisations engaged in the provision of these services to citizens in wider Europe and will work to create an environment which allows these organizations to operate openly and effectively with stable sources of funding, and to establish a set of quality standards for legal service providers.

We will soon have more information about the network under the section “The European Network”.

Activities in the region

Pilot Projects in Macedonia, Montenegro, and Albania

A Call for Proposals is now open to Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Macedonia, Montenegro, and Albania who provide information, advice and active help services which are free and open to all members of the public.
These organizations are invited to apply for up to 5000 € to develop an Advocacy action/actions related to Information, Advice, and Active Help services.

In addition to the grant funding, the successful applicants will also benefit from other activities including:

  • Study Visits In Ireland, UK and Romania in order to follow in-depth the work of advice services and the different ways of linking the provision of services with advocacy activities in these countries
  • One-on-one Mentoring. Thanks to the mentoring visits the pilot projects will benefit from in-house support, training and advice from the EU partner organizations. The mentors will spend a few days in the organizations to monitor the progress made, evaluate the organizations’ internal structures and procedures, provide training sessions in jointly identified areas of activity, and provide suggestions for other areas of development for the organization.
  • Participation in Regional Conference. Successful applicants will join the Triple A consortium in Pristina in November 2015 and have a chance to meet with like-minded organizations in the region and help to develop the network.

Applications are due August 31st. You can find out more and apply here:

Application form
Annex A: Budget

Any questions should be sent to Tristan Barber at tristan.barber(at)ecas(dot)org.


The Development of National Advocacy Roadmaps

The national partners in each country are currently developing an advocacy roadmap to ensure positive changes to the funding of and legislation surrounding free legal aid, Information, and Advice services.


The National Advocacy Campaigns

The aforementioned roadmaps will provide the basis for a campaign to be enacted by the national partners and pilot projects (where applicable) in the second year of this phase of Triple A.



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