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The report was prepared by the Civil Society Development Centre (STGM) in Turkey based on research on citizens’ information and assistance services in Turkey undertaken under the Triple A project.  The aim of this report is to present an overview of existing information and assistance services in Turkey and suggest how such services might be strengthened. As part of the research, STGM sent a questionnaire to over 4,000 Turkish organisations. The research contained in the report includes analysis of responses received from 30 organisations. 

The legal aid and advice service in Turkey is provided by Civil Society Organisations (CSOs). Along with the CSOs legal aid services Bar Associations are the most active non-governmental organisations in providing advice and active help for citizens. Bar Associations only provide juridical aid and their services are regulated by law.

The document provides a short historical overview of the existence of citizen’s information services, an overview of the applicable legal framework, and the current availability of existing information and assistance services.

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