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The website insanhaklarisavunuculari.org has been officially launched in September.

The website is composed of three parts. The first part contains an online library with publications of various human rights actors. Decisions made by national and international human rights mechanisms, reports, articles and other published resources are available in the library.

The second section of the website provides information to all the people who plan to apply five main human rights complaint mechanisms in Turkey, namely, the Constitutional Court, Ombudsman, National Human Rights Institution, Human Rights Examination Commission and Petition Commission in the Turkish Grand National Assembly. The main stages of application to these five mechanisms are explained in order to give guidance service. This web-based activity aims to make sure that the right to individual application is efficiently used.

In the last part, an online directory about human rights violations has been created in order to provide guidance to victims, human rights activists and NGOs. In this part, NGOs and public institutions as well as national and international legal instruments are listed for each human right. People can learn their rights and, by using this directory, find where to apply in case of violation. This database will continuously be updated according to changing institutions and legal regulations in order to facilitate the access to information.

Moreover, on 19 September 2014, the social media training for human rights NGOs was held in Ankara.

Seventeen people from eleven organisations participated in the meeting. The issues discussed with the moderation of Pınar İlkiz and Serdar Paktin were:

-internet activism

– slacktivism

– digital storytelling,

– web based campaigning

– preparing a website and communication strategy

– social media/internet tools and their areas of use

All the  participants had chance to put into practice their learnings by preparing a social media campaign for a specific human rights violation in Turkey.

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