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The network of the Committees for Human Rights in Serbia, CHRIS, and the Committee for Human Rights Bujanovac held a press conference entitled “The network of free legal aid”. The press conference was held in the Culture Centre in Bujanovac on Wednesday 10 April, 2014. The subject of the conference was the realisation of the ‘Network of Free legal aid CHRIS’ project, as well as the Triple A for citizens project. On this occasion, an understanding of cooperation was agreed between the two organisations concerning the provision of free legal aid between  the CHRIS network  and the Committee for Human Rights Bujanovac, which has recently become a member of  the CHRIS network.

The Triple A for citizens – access to information, advice and active help programme is supported by the EU and is designed to stimulate the nongovernmental organisations of the Western Balkans and Turkey to provide information, counseling and active help for citizens concerning their rights. The speakers at the conference were Dragan Đorđević, Coordinator of the Network of the Committees for Human Rights in Serbia (CHRIS), Dušan Prvulović, the President of the Committee for Human Rights Negotin, Alija Halilović, the President of the Citizen’s Forum Novi Pazar, Milan Krstev, the Coordinator of the CHRIS network lawyers,  and Ragmi Mustafa on behalf of the Human Rights Committee Bujanovac.


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