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In the period from 1 July 2015 to 31 January 2016, Foundation of Local democracy has continued with implementation of the TRIPLE A project with the aim to make comprehensive, available and efficient free legal aid (FLA) system by establishing cooperation among governmental and non-governmental sector.
This project provided a strong impact on the governmental sector to provide full support for the development of FLA in Canton Sarajevo.
Continuation of the project ensured development and provision of FLA services in Canton Sarajevo, especially in distant municipalities of Trnovo and Ilijaš.
The Triple A project also enabled the continuation of cooperation between partners/signatories of the agreement on development of free legal aid initiated by Foundation of Local Democracy  (FLD). During the focus meetings partners identified shortcomings of FLA system and created a strategy for the development of FLA in Canton Sarajevo, together with an action plan. Currently, these documents present the strategic framework adopted in Canton Sarajevo for the first time in this field.
The projects also focused on building capacities of the FLA providers through education that is created based on real needs assessments, but also on media promotion which will popularize the necessity to improve the FLA system.
Finally, the project ensured organization of a workshop where draft strategy and action plan were presented. Initiatives were then started for improvement of legislation with the integration of solutions to enable the sustainability and funding of NGO’s providing FLA. The quality of previous work of partners within the project and aforementioned initiative was recognized by the government, and the Minister of Justice and Administration of Canton Sarajevo, who also participated in the workshop.

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