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On the 2nd of April 2014, the President of the Assembly, Dr. Krasniqi welcomed the representatives of the Citizens’ Legislative Initiative on Amendments to the Law no. 038-048 Financial Management and Accountability. Representatives of this initiative: Hilmi Jashari (CRP/K), Kushtrim Kaloshi (ATRC) and Agon Gashi (PLPG), informed the President of the Assembly of their campaign “Justice and Citizens ” which aims to effectively protect victims’ rights that were violated by the state. They articulated that they had organized a petition in all the centers of Kosovo where they collected 13,300 signatures to amend Article 69 of the Law on Public Financial Management and Accountability.


By submitting this petition to the Assembly, they have claimed that the current law provides only material compensation to victims whose rights have been violated by the state and that the proposed amendment will provide the compensation for non-material damages- mental disturbance, pain and suffering.



By congratulating them for their commitment to this initiative in favor of the liberties and rights of citizens, Krasniqi, said that the petition will be submitted to the Commission on Human Rights, Gender Equality and Petitions, and the Budget and Finance, who shall prepare reports with recommendations to the Assembly, before the session for the review of the amendment of the Law on Public Financial Management and Accountability.

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