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CHRIS ACTIVITIES IN VALJEVO   On 1st October 2014, a meeting was held as a part of the project ‘Triple A for Citizens’ at the Center for the disabled in Valjevo. Representatives of the CHRIS office in Valjevo discussed the future of cooperation between CHRIS and the members of the Associations for the Disabled, with which CHRIS has signed an agreement on cooperation and provision of free legal aid.    Based on the needs of the members of the Associations for the Disabled, the two parts considered the possibility of redefining the terms in which the service of providing legal aid would be realised in the premises of the Associations as well as in the premises of the Center for the Disabled.    Other associations from Valjevo have also participated in the project ‘Triple A for Citizens’ – access to information, advice and active help. The Triple A project is based on the principle that all people have the right to be informed of their rights. The agreement has so far been signed by the CHRIS Network and six associations: Cerebral Paralysis Society, Association of Guardian Angels, Multiple Sclerosis of Kolubara County Association, Intermunicipal Organization of Civil War Invalids and Association of Deaf and Semi-Deaf and Union of the Blind Valjevo.       CHRIS ACTIVITIES IN ZAJEČAR   On 2 October 2014, representatives of the CHRIS Network and Negotin office along with Dušan Prvulović, a coordinator of Negotin office, and Sanijela Dinić, attorney, held multiple meetings in the framework of the project ‘Triple A for Citizens.’   On that occasion they spoke to Vesna Blanić, an attorney of the CHRIS Network in Zaječar, and Ivan Simić, a secretary of the Association for Cerebral and Children Paralysis in Zaječar, regarding the continuation of the work on the project ‘Triple A for Citizens’. During the discussions some key issues concerning the disabled emerged: • public areas and facilities in public use are not accessible to the disabled;  • free legal aid must be available to help individuals access social services;  • institutions at local and national level do not facilitate the access to external care; • transport for disabled children is not adequately organised.    The CHRIS Network office in Negotin is going to initiate the process of public and legal advocacy in cooperation with other civil society organizations from Negotin, Bor and Zajecar. Through cooperation they will work to address the problems identified in the Triple A discussion. The CHRIS Network will continue providing free legal aid to all, especially to citizens whose rights have been violated and who have a primary need for free legal aid, as it has done for the past 15 years.

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