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Up-to-date practice of the Counseling Service confirms another dramatic increase in the violation of labor rights and a great need of support for endangered workers. One of the issues “Together Together” faces most frequently is the violation of labor rights, which should be guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the country. The most common problems faced by the workers regard illegal termination of work, working without proper registration, signing blank agreements on firing and unpaid salaries.


In addition, there has been a noticeable increase in various forms of discrimination, including particularly disturbing acts of discrimination against socially vulnerable groups – members of minorities or social groups deemed inferior or dangerous based upon ethnicity, confession, or sexual orientation, women, and persons with disability or illness.





Alongside the regular activities, on October 25, “Together Together” organized the public debate “Services for Citizens’ Support – Local Perspective” in cooperation with the Belgrade municipality of Vračar. More than 20 representatives of public and CSOs services were present and actively contributing to the debate held in the municipality hall. In addition to the presentation of the Triple A for Citizens program, event organizers presented and promoted the Legal Counseling Service as an illustrative case study.


Together with a few testimonies from our beneficiaries, the case study provided participants with the opportunity to learn about the specific methodology used in the Service, which received an excellent evaluation. It was concluded that the activities within the framework of the project fully comply with the recommendations and requirements from the Constitution and Law on Local Government of Republic of Serbia, where legal support is guaranteed for all citizens.


At the end of the debate, a common conclusion and recommendation was reached by all the participants in order to improve the cooperation between government and CSOs.


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