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The Association for Democratic Initiatives published a country report on the nature and availability of free legal aid, access to information and legal framework of citizens assistance services in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Access to Justice 2016, covering the period of September – December 2016. This is the second analysis which based on the findings of the first report Access to Justice: Providing information, advice and free legal assistance in BiH conducted in 2013. New survey includes the analysis of current legislation and legal practices in BiH and the existing capacity of providers of free legal aid. The goal of this analysis is to identify and study the obstacles citizens are facing while trying to exercise their rights in courts and government bodies, and to gain a deeper insight into the experience with free legal aid as a mechanism that is available to those citizens who come across with financial barriers or discrimination in the exercise of their rights. The report is published as part of the project “Triple A for Citizens: access to information, advice and active help” funded by the European Union.

Access to Justice 2016

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